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More About KROQ

bulletShows and Radio Personalities that got their start on KROQ
bulletKROQ DJs - Current
bulletEx-KROQ DJs
bullet KROQ: An Oral History (by Kate Sullivan, Los Angeles Magazine, November 2001)

Shows and Radio Personalities that got their start on KROQ:

bulletLoveline.  This love advice call-in talk show started on KROQ before being syndicated on radio nationwide and then jumping to the small screen on MTV.  I never liked Loveline, but in the early days it was only on Sunday nights, so it wasn't too bad.  Later they moved it to 5 nights a week, which annoys me to this day.  It is currently hosted by Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla, who was preceded by Rikki Rachtman, who took over from the Poorman.
bulletKevin and Bean.  KROQ's morning show for well over a decade has now been syndicated nationwide.  Though they started out as clones of Mark and Brian across the dial at KLOS (in the station's mind, if not their own), they have come into their own and are still consistently funny after all these years.
bulletJimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.  These guys started out on the Kevin and Bean show--Jimmy was the sports guy while Adam played Mr. Birchum, a home improvement expert.  Both were hilarious, and Jimmy was a really solid sports commentator to boot.  They went on to create The Man Show and Crank Yankers on Comedy Central.  Jimmy also got his own late-night talk show and a job on the Fox NFL crew, and Adam co-hosts Loveline.
bulletKennedy.  This DJ jumped to MTV where she was voted worst VJ in a viewer's poll.  She later ended up as a game show host on GSN.
bulletCarson Daly.  Probably the most famous alum, Carson also moved to MTV where today he hosts TRL and other MTV programs.  He later got his own late night talk show and dated a variety of starlets like Tara Reid and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Like Kennedy, Carson also seems to be hated by a sizable chunk of the population, even though he is so inoffensive.  I personally think it's because, to so many people, myself included, his popularity among his core audience is inexplicable.  But to me it's like trying to understand why the French love Jerry Lewis so much, or why 2-year olds love the Teletubbies, i.e. it's impossible.  His fans may scoff and say you just don't get it, but don't worry, in this case you can actually feel good about it.

KROQ DJs - Current

bulletJust a thought--whenever you see any radio DJs in person they almost never look like what you imagined based on their voice.  They tend to look worse, which is probably why they are on radio instead of TV.
bulletJed the Fish.  This guy has been there forever.  Probably the most annoying laugh on the radio but I like him anyway.  Holds the 1pm to 4pm slot.
bulletRodney Bingenheimer.  He's hosted the Rodney on the Roq show forever.  A documentary about him, Mayor of The Sunset Strip, came out in 2004.  You might have also seen him in Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke hosting the battle of the bands.  He is known for being the first radio DJ to play a lot of artists that went on to greater fame, e.g. the Sex Pistols and the Ramones.
bulletKat Corbett.  Current host of the 10am to 1pm slot which includes the Flashback Lunch.


bulletRichard Blade.  Long-time KROQ DJ who hosted the Ramondo and the Blade morning show and hosted a music video show on a local TV station for a few years in the 80s.  In the 90s he became a bit of a champion for the Roq of the 80s format, starting KROQ's Flashback Lunch show (KROQ seldom plays songs of that era outside the show) and a series of CDs titled Richard Blade's Flashback Favorites that included some of the less well-known tracks of the era.  Around 2000 he left, ostensibly to move to the Caribbean or something like that, but he is now on Star 98 playing 80s songs, including many that target Star 98 listeners but which he never would've played on KROQ (and probably loathes).  He also has a show on Sirius Radio's "First Wave" channel, featuring other old school KROQ DJs.  Personal note--I bumped into him in the Bonaventure Hotel while at a high school prom and recognized him from his TV program.  I was quite intoxicated and was about to start telling him how I liked his show etc. but my girlfriend dragged me away.
bulletTami Heide.  I listened to her a bit at WBCN in Boston when I was going to college out there, and then she came over to KROQ.  She took over the Flashback Lunch from Richard Blade.  I once was the lucky caller that won tickets (to the band Live) and talked to her for a second on the air.  Unfortunately I was going to be in Europe and gave the tickets to a co-worker who didn't use them.  Appears to have left KROQ as of January 2005.
bulletThe Poorman.  Nee Jim Trenton.  A long-time KROQ DJ who was Loveline's creator and original co-host.  He was fired in 1993 for an on-air stunt and later sued KROQ for Loveline royalties.  Since then he has hosted Poorman's Bikini Beach on an independent TV station and worked for a variety of local radio stations.

Plus a few others from the old days:

bulletApril Whitney
bullet"Swedish Eagle" Egil Aalvik
bulletFreddy (Frederick J.) Snakeskin
bulletDusty Street