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KROQ Top 106.7 Countdowns by Year
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Top 300 Songs of the 90s 500 Most Requested of All-Time (Memorial Day 2006) KROQ's Labor Day 90's 500 (2007) KROQ Memorial 500 (Memorial Day 2008)

KROQ - Los Angeles 106.7 FM

Click on the links above to select a Top 106.7 countdown of your choice...all charts from 1980 through 2012 are available.  You can also click on the "Search the Lists" button below to search for songs by artist name or song or album title.

bulletThe KROQ Top 50 Songs of 2013
bulletThe KROQ Firecracker 500 (4th of July Weekend 2015)
bulletKROQ's Labor Day 90's 500 (Labor Day 2007)
bulletThe KROQ Top 106.7 Songs of 2012
bullet KROQ Memorial 500 (Memorial Day 2008)
bullet The KROQ Top 300 Songs of the 90s
bulletThe KROQ Top Artists of 1980-2008
bulletThe KROQ Top Albums of 1980-2008

More about KROQ:

bulletKROQ: An Oral History (by Kate Sullivan, Los Angeles Magazine, November 2001).  A great article where various KROQ DJs and others discuss the history of KROQ.  Kate Sullivan is currently the music editor at the LA Weekly.
bulletKROQ has also been a launch pad for a number of on-air personalities and a couple of programs that went on to nationwide fame (or notoriety)
bulletThoughts on some KROQ DJs
bulletKROQ Links

KROQ 106.7 is the leading "alternative" or "modern rock" music station in Los Angeles.  KROQ was a pioneer in alternative rock with the "Roq of the 80s" format and continues to be very influential nationwide.  They are also as popular as ever and may even be as "World Famous" as their slogan proclaims.  They are owned by megacorporation CBS Radio, who are the #2 player in the industry with nearly 200 stations nationwide.

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