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Recommended Links

Below are some cool links worth checking out:

Alaska Jim's Music Charts - A truly deep directory of music charts ranging from other radio station lists, U.S. and international industry charts and even personal song lists.  Definitely worth a check out.

Valley Boy - LA journalist Erik Himmelsbach's blog about LA, music and life in general.  Erik is currently working on a book about KROQ.

allmusic - The Bible of information about music.  The artist profiles and album/song reviews are great too.

MusiciansHub - Musical instrument and gear search engine plus musician networking

KROQ Links:

Rick Carroll: The Architect of Modern Rock - by Alex Cosper.  A bio of the visionary who pioneered the modern rock format as the program director at KROQ and who also helped get 91X started.  Alex is a writer who worked in radio and now writes about it - check out his other writings as well.

History of KROQ (from the alt.fan.kroq Usenet group).  History of early KROQ (1968-1978), written in 1997, plus some reminisces from others including a former employee at the station.