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91X Countdowns by Year
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Top 191 Songs of the 80s The 91X Fat 500 Countdown (1999)

91X - XTRA-FM, San Diego 91.1 FM

Click on the links above to select a Top 91 songs countdown of your choice...all charts from 1983 through 2012 are available.  You can also click on the "Search the Lists" button below to search for songs by artist name or song or album title.

The 91X Top 91 Songs of 2016 is now up!!

bulletThe 91X Top 91 Songs of 2015
bullet The 91X Top 191 Songs of the 80s - Aired around 1989 or 1990
bullet The 91X Fat 500 Countdown - Top 500 songs of all time, aired July 3-5, 1999
bulletThe 91X Top Artists of 1983-2008
bullet The 91X Top Albums of 1983-2008

More about 91X:

bulletSteve West

91X is San Diego's leading alternative / modern rock station.  91X's first program director was Rick Carroll, who pioneered the Roq of the 80s format at KROQ, and it seemed a bit like they lived a bit in the shadow of their more nationally known neighbor.  That said, in my opinion 91X has more of the free spirit that KROQ has lost, and seems less formulaic.  They also play more "classic alternative" songs, which appeals to a 30-something like myself but probably annoys the Gen Yers.  91X definitely played less of the "rap rock" or "nu metal" stuff (e.g. Limp Bizkit) back in the late 90s/early 00s, which I appreciated, although I wouldn't mind a little less Jack Johnson.  91X was formerly owned and operated by Clear Channel, the largest station owner in the U.S., with over 1000 stations nationwide.  However, in December 2005 management of 91X was taken over by independent Finest City Broadcasting.

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