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RadioHitlist provides top song countdown lists from music radio stations.  I have started with KROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles, 91X in San Diego and Q101 in Chicago, but hope to add other stations and charts in the future.

Choose your station on the left or below and then select the year of the list you want.  For each chart, the artist name, song title, and, in most cases, the album title are provided.

Year-end Top Song Countdowns:

bulletThe KROQ Top 50 Songs of 2013
bulletThe 91X Top 91 Songs of 2016 is now up!!
bulletKROQ (Los Angeles 106.7 FM) - Top 106.7 Songs of 1980-2013
bullet91X (San Diego 91.1 FM) - Top 91 Songs of 1983-2016
bulletQ101 (Chicago 101.1 FM WKQX) - Top 101 Songs of 1996-2003

The KROQ Firecracker 500 (4th of July Weekend 2015)

Updated for 2008! - Top Artist and Top Album Lists
Top Artist Countdown Lists - Based on the number of songs in the charts
Top Album Countdown Lists - Based on the number of songs in the charts 

 Search the Lists
You can also search by artist name, song title and/or album title by clicking on the search link above or on the left.  For example, use the search function to see all of the Depeche Mode songs that charted over the years, or to see how many songs from U2's The Joshua Tree made the lists.

About the Lists
Every year these stations have listeners vote on the year's top songs.  Then they play the yearend countdowns on New Year's Eve and Day.  As you might expect, the countdowns tend to have a bias towards songs from the end of the year and against songs from the beginning of the year, so they don't always reflect the station's playlist that year.  In fact, as you may notice, there are a lot of songs that got significant airplay but didn't make the lists at all, and I suspect that most of these songs suffered the end of the year bias.

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